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Auto white balance

Auto white balance offers a choice of "Keep white (reduce warm colors)" (AUTO0), "Normal" (AUTO1) and "Keep warm lighting colors" (AUTO2).

White balance: AUTO0 Keep white (reduce warm colors)
White balance: AUTO1 Normal
White balance: AUTO2 Keep warm lighting colors
White balance: AUTO0/AUTO1/AUTO2

AUTO0 Keep white (reduce warm colors) reproduces whites faithfully, using processing similar to that of the AUTO 1 Normal option offered by the D4S to automatically whiten white objects that have received a red color cast from dim interior lighting. Examples of subjects to which this setting is suited include food on white plates under mixed lighting in a restaurant or the pure white of a wedding dress.

AUTO1 Normal is automatically adjusted to balance the colors of the subject and light source. This option produces colors that are generally deemed natural, making it a good choice not only for day-to-day photography but also for everything from portraits to nature photographs.

AUTO2 Keep warm lighting colors preserves the warm colors of incandescent bulbs and other light sources that lend objects a strong yellow or red color cast. Whites are close to those seen by the naked eye, making it a good choice when you don’t want to change the color of the subject or when you want to establish a soft, warm mood.


White balance can be selected by pressing the WB button and rotating the main command dial until the desired setting is displayed in the control panel.

- Auto (3 types)
- Incandescent
- Fluorescent (7 types)
- Direct sunlight
- Flash
- Cloudy
- Shade
- Choose color temp. (2500–10,000 K)
- Preset manual

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