Digiscoping System

Connect to a Nikon digital camera for outstanding closeup images.

Think back, over the years, to all of the fascinating birds, animals and plants you've had the opportunity to observe. Imagine if you were able to capture these glimpses of nature as permanent images to share with your family, friends and associates around the world. Stunning shots of birds and other wildlife in their pristine natural habitats. Transforming isolated moments into precious and lasting works of art. With the Nikon Digiscoping System, you can now connect your Nikon Fieldscope to a Nikon digital camera to create incredible closeup images of birds, animals and other difficult-to-approach subjects. The result is easy supertelephoto shots, eliminating the need to purchase special interchangeable telephoto lenses. It's a convenient, affordable way to make dazzling supertelephoto digital images a vital part of your life.

Digiscoping Accessories