Sport Optics

Digiscoping Adapter DSA-N1
(exclusively for Nikon 1 Series)

Adapter for digiscoping which connects a Nikon 1 body to a Nikon Fieldscope with an eyepiece, enabling super-telephoto shooting


Dimensions (without cap and projections): ø68 x 58mm
Weight: 180g


Compatible cameras (as of October, 2018)

Nikon 1 Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lenses V3, V2*, V1*, J5, J4, J3*, J2, J1*, S2, S1*

  • *Firmware A and B should be upgraded to ver.1.20 or later

Compatible Fieldscopes

EDG Fieldscope: 85 VR/85-A VR/85/85-A/65/65-A
MONARCH Fieldscope: 82ED-S/82ED-A/60ED-S/60ED-A
Fieldscope: ED82/82-A/EDIII/EDIII-A/III/III-A/ED50/ED50-A

Compatible eyepieces

FEP Series for EDG Fieldscopes: FEP-20W, FEP-30W, FEP-38W, FEP-50W
MEP series for MONARCH Fieldscopes: MEP-38W, MEP-20-60, MEP-30-60W
Wide DS Fieldscope eyepieces: 16x/24x/30x Wide DS, 27x/40x/50x Wide DS

Combination example:
EDG Fieldscope 85 + FEP-38W + DSA-N1 + Nikon 1 J1
Calculation of composite focal length

[Composite focal length] = [Magnification of eyepiece] x [Focal length of DSA-N1 (18mm)]
(35mm format equivalent focal length is 2.7x of the composite focal length)

[540mm] = [30x] x [18mm]
(In this case, the 35mm format equivalent focal length is 540mm x 2.7=1,458mm)

Calculation of composite F-number (theoretical value)

[Composite F-number] = [Magnification of eyepiece] x [Focal length of DSA-N1 (18mm)] ÷ Objective diameter of Fieldscope

[F6.4] = [30x] x [18mm] ÷ [85mm]