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Genuine Nikon computer software enabling viewing, processing and editing of images, while motivating users to fully express themselves with every shot

NX Studio is a genuine image-processing software that comprehensively covers image viewing, processing and editing, achieved by integrating the image viewing software ViewNX-i and image processing/editing software Capture NX-D. Through its UI design that carefully considers usability, anyone can enjoy full-scale editing, with more intuitive operation. In addition, improving the overall response speed for each function, such as image display allows you to process both stills and movies more smoothly than ever before. NX Studio lets you take advantage of the full potential of your Nikon digital cameras and lenses, enabling you to finish your images exactly as you envision. It will be updated as new cameras are released to support image viewing, processing and editing, realizing even more enhanced image expression.

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Single software comprehensively covers image processing from viewing, editing to sharing, by integrating the image viewing software ViewNX-i and the Capture NX-D software that features RAW processing.

Menu structure and UI design are optimally organized based on workflow.

A variety of display options that are arranged in a single location and can be changed with the click of an icon.

Shooting information display similar to that of a Nikon camera lets you confirm the data easily.

Indications for image-editing items displayed in text and logically grouped to improve user's operability.

Various detailed editing functions for still images.

LCH editing function enables to finetune lightness, chroma and hue for any color in an image.

Color control points apply image processing only to colors in a selected range.

Video editing and video file conversion.

Image editing terms employed for Nikon cameras are consistently used.

Data-saving formats can be selected for the appropriate workflow from sidecar file or original file saving format.

Collaboration with other genuine Nikon software, such as Nikon Transfer 2 or NX Tether facilitating post-processing workflow.

Edit and preset management functions for XMP/IPTC information.

Smooth access to web services such as NIKON IMAGE SPACE.