NX MobileAir

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  • Workflow efficiency is increased with the automatic import of captured images to a smart device, automatic attachment of IPTC metadata information during image import, automatic upload to a pre-registered FTP server, and support for an auto straighten function convenient during the automatic upload of images*.
    • *Only available with Android™.
  • The image filtering function with an algorithm developed using deep learning helps users quickly sort imported images with detailed searching conditions*, such as by subject type and various characteristics of what appears in the images.
    • *Filtering is not applied to RAW (NEF) images. Only available in the app version 1.1.0 or later.
  • Option to import only protected images within the camera to a smart device, and upload to an FTP server.
  • Imported images within the application can be selected manually for upload to an FTP server.
  • The number of albums that can be created, and the maximum number of images storable in each album are unlimited*.
    • *When registered for monthly payment. When used free of charge, a single album that can store up to 999 images is available.
  • IPTC metadata and FTP upload settings can be set for individual albums.
  • Reliable and high-speed image import is possible via USB wired connection without setting adjustments on the camera side*.
    • *Only when connecting to an Android-compatible smart device. It is necessary to change the network menu setting when connecting to an iPhone.
  • IPTC metadata information can be added manually, voice descriptions can be input for each IPTC metadata item*, and images can be viewed and edited within the application.
    • *Only when voice input is available with the smart device's OS.
  • Voice descriptions can be imported simultaneously with the image to the smart device. IPTC metadata information can be edited while playing the voice description.
  • Features settings that are effective for preventing mis-operation, such as screen lock during operation, as well as a resend function in case of import error.