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A new era in synchronized multiple remote shooting

NX Field is a network solution system that redefines the rules of remote shooting. Using a wired LAN connection, it offers reliable synchronized shutter release of multiple remote cameras, while speeding up image transfer workflow. Controlling remote cameras is now more intuitive than ever via the NX Field application on a portable smart device. Furthermore, NX Field allows for autofocusing, unlike conventional remote shooting. This gives a single photographer a new level of control over multiple remote cameras from different angles, in addition to a master camera — greatly expanding creative possibilities.

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Realizing shutter release, setting changes and FTP image transmission of up to 10 remote cameras synchronized with a master camera via wired LAN cable.

Wired LAN connection ensures reliable remote camera shutter release even in situations where many photographers are shooting with remote cameras via radio waves at once.

Synchronization is also compatible with Wi-Fi connection using WT-5/6 Wireless Transmitters.

The status of remote cameras, including connection status, latest shutter-release time, etc., can be confirmed from a master camera in order to avoid unintended errors.

A smart device with the NX Field application installed can be used to change settings and check live view images of remote cameras, allowing for operation in narrow spaces or remote shooting from a distant location.

Automatic FTP image transmission during synchronized shooting of a master and remote cameras as well as while changing camera settings via a smart device with the NX Field application.

Easy recovery from FTP server network errors by remotely reconnecting to the server.

Easy switching between shooting with a master camera only, with remote cameras only, or with both the master and remote cameras, which helps to avoid capturing unnecessary images and ensures that only the desired images are transferred.

Autofocusing is possible with remote cameras from a master camera or smart device with the NX Field application.

Remote shooting via the Internet such as 4G/5G mobile network is possible.

The robotics of Mark Roberts Motion Control Limited can also be synchronized with a master camera.

Silent remote shooting with compatible Z series cameras* for expanded shooting scenarios.

* Forward compatible with the Nikon Z 7II/Z 6II/Z 7/Z 6. Can be controlled from the NX Field application only, including synchronized shutter release. The NX Field application and the camera's FTP function cannot be used simultaneously.