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White Balance

This is referred to as "white balance" that according to the light source, is to be shot in color image is close to the eye. Normally, should be taken with the auto default. If you want to change the color of images taken, please change the white balance to match the light source and weather.

White Balance: Auto
White Balance: Fluorescent
White Balance: Choose color temp. 9000K
White Balance: Incandescent

White balance is adjusted automatically. For best results, use type G, E or D lens. If optional flash fires, results are adjusted appropriately.

- Keep white (reduce warm colors)
- Normal
- Keep warm lighting colors

 Natural light auto
White balance is adjusted for natural light, producing colors closer to those seen by the naked eye.

Use under incandescent lighting.

Choose from seven types of fluorescent lighting.

 Direct sunlight
Use with subjects lit by direct sunlight.

Use with built-in or optional flash units.

Use in daylight under overcast skies.

Use in daylight for subjects in the shade.

 Choose color temp.
Choose a color temperature.

 Preset manual
Use subject, light source, or existing photograph as reference for white.

Auto white balance offers a choice of "Keep white (reduce warm colors)" (AUTO0), "Normal" (AUTO1) and "Keep warm lighting colors" (AUTO2).

White balance: AUTO0 Keep white (reduce warm colors)
White balance: AUTO1 Normal
White balance: AUTO2 Keep warm lighting colors
White balance: AUTO0/AUTO1/AUTO2

AUTO0 Keep white (reduce warm colors) reproduces whites faithfully, using processing similar to that of the AUTO 1 Normal option offered by the D4S to automatically whiten white objects that have received a red color cast from dim interior lighting. Examples of subjects to which this setting is suited include food on white plates under mixed lighting in a restaurant or the pure white of a wedding dress.

AUTO1 Normal is automatically adjusted to balance the colors of the subject and light source. This option produces colors that are generally deemed natural, making it a good choice not only for day-to-day photography but also for everything from portraits to nature photographs.

AUTO2 Keep warm lighting colors preserves the warm colors of incandescent bulbs and other light sources that lend objects a strong yellow or red color cast. Whites are close to those seen by the naked eye, making it a good choice when you don’t want to change the color of the subject or when you want to establish a soft, warm mood.

Natural light auto

Adapted as it is to natural light sources, Natural light auto produces better results under natural lighting than the standard Auto option. White balance adapts to changes in lighting, producing results close to those seen by the naked eye whether your subject is a sunset or fall colors.

White balance: Natural light auto
White balance: AUTO0 Keep white (reduce warm colors)


White balance can be selected by pressing the WB button and rotating the main command dial until the desired setting is displayed in the control panel.

When  (Auto) or  (Fluorescent) is selected, you can choose a sub-option by pressing the WB button and rotating the subcommand dial.

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