Camera Functions

Time-Lapse Movie

The camera automatically takes photos at selected intervals to create a silent time-lapse movie.

Start time-lapse recording. Shooting starts after about 3 s and continues at the selected interval for the selected shooting time.

Choose the interval between shots in minutes and seconds.

Shooting time
Choose the shooting time (hours and minutes).

Exposure smoothing
Selecting On smooths abrupt changes in exposure in exposure modes other than M (note that exposure smoothing only takes effect in mode M if auto ISO sensitivity control is on). Large changes in subject brightness during shooting may result in apparent variations in exposure, in which case it may be necessary to shorten the interval between shots.

Silent photography
Select On to silence the shutter during shooting.

Image area
Choose an image area for time-lapse recording. The options are those for the Image area item in the movie shooting menu.

Frame size/frame rate
Choose the frame size and rate for the final movie. The options are those for the Frame size/frame rate item in the movie shooting menu.

Interval priority
Choose whether the camera gives priority to exposure time or interval timing in exposure modes P and A. Select On to ensure frames are taken at the chosen interval, Off to ensure that frames are correctly exposed. If On is selected, be sure the Minimum shutter speed chosen for ISO sensitivity settings > Auto ISO sensitivity control in the photo shooting menu is faster than the interval. You should also focus using manual focus or, if you are using autofocus, choose Release for Custom Setting a1 (AF-C priority selection) or Custom Setting a2 (AF-S priority selection) according to whether AF-C or AF-S is selected.


Recording Time-Lapse Movies

Select Time-lapse movie.

Time-Lapse Movie: Related Functions

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