Camera Functions

Interval Timer Shooting

Take photographs at the selected interval until the specified number of shots has been recorded. Select a release mode other than self-timer () when using the interval timer.

Start interval timer shooting, either after 3 s (Now selected for Choose start day/time) or at a selected date and time (Choose day/time). Shooting will continue at the selected interval until all shots have been taken.

Choose start day/time
Choose a start option. To start shooting immediately, select Now. To start shooting at a chosen date and time, select Choose day/time.

Choose the interval (hours, minutes, and seconds) between shots.

Choose the number of intervals and the number of shots per interval.

Exposure smoothing
Selecting On allows the camera to adjust exposure to match previous shot in exposure modes other than M (note that exposure smoothing only takes effect in mode M if auto ISO sensitivity control is on). Large changes in subject brightness during shooting may result in apparent variations in exposure, in which case it may be necessary to shorten the interval between shots.

Silent photography
Select On to silence the shutter during shooting.

Interval priority
Choose whether the camera gives priority to exposure time or interval timing in exposure modes P and A.
Select On to ensure photos are taken at the chosen interval, Off to ensure that photos are correctly exposed.

Starting storage folder

New folder: A new folder is created for each new sequence.
Reset file numbering: File numbering is reset to 0001 whenever a new folder is created.


01. Select Interval timer shooting.

Highlight Interval timer shooting in the photo shooting menu and press to display interval timer settings.

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