A remote grip that enhances video shooting efficiency and lets users concentrate on production work, realizing previously impossible creative expressions

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Attaches to a variety of video equipment via the ARRI Rosette*1 and allows for remote control of Z mount mirrorless cameras*2 via a wired connection while recording — expanding what's possible on solo video shoots using a gimbal, slider, etc.

*1 Requires a third-party rosette adapter if using equipment without an adapter of its own.
*2 As of November 2022, the Z 9, Z 7II and Z 6II are the cameras supported. Be sure to update camera firmware to the latest version. We will gradually add support for the MC-N10 to other cameras, not including models that only support connection via micro-USB connector (Z 50).

A wide range of settings including custom controls are accessible from the MC-N10 without touching the camera body.

The fixed position and angle for attachments can be flexibly adjusted to match your shooting position, enabling comfortable operation in low- or high-angle shooting.

Easy-to-hold grip and a button layout similar to the Nikon Z series, providing intuitive operation and minimizing the risk of mis-operation.

The click-less main-/sub-command dials eliminate the risk of recording dial operation sounds while adjusting the exposure.

Simple, fast connection setup and stable connection via a Type C USB cable*3.

*3 The camera will display a message regarding connection of a remote grip each time the camera or MC-N10 is turned on. Press the OK button or tap the camera monitor.

Worry-free extended shoots thanks to approx. 12 hours*4 of battery life with two widely available AA batteries.

*4 When two 1.2 V AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries are used. Battery endurance may vary depending on batteries used, operating environment, usage conditions, and storage conditions.

Can be used in challenging conditions thanks to the same superior dust- and drip-resistance performance*5 as the Z 9, as well as cold tolerance down to -10°C/14°F.

*5 Thorough dust- and drip-resistance is not guaranteed in all situations or under all conditions.