The MB-N11 Power Battery Pack enhances vertical shooting experience with the Z 7II and Z 6II, offering comfortable handling and an extended battery life

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Enhanced operability and ergonomics ensure comfortable vertical shooting, while providing an improved camera-lens balance even when a telephoto lens is attached

Enables up to approx. 1.9x longer battery life over that of the Z 7II/Z 6II camera body alone

Continuous power supply to the camera is achieved even when one of the two EN-EL15c batteries is removed, as long as the other battery still has remaining power, letting you keep shooting while changing a battery

USB power delivery to the MB-N11 is possible when it is attached to the camera, allowing you to use the camera body's USB connection for tethered shooting while receiving power to the battery pack

Robustness and dust- and drip-resistant performance equivalent to the Z-series camera bodies provide greater peace of mind during use