The MB-N10 Battery Pack extends shooting opportunities with the Z 7 and Z 6, allowing you to capture more images and record video for longer

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Approx. 1.8 times extended battery life, capturing approx. 610 (Z 7) and 570 (Z 6) images or approx. 155 min. of video (both Z 7 and Z 6)*1.

*1 Based on CIPA Standards. When using EVF and with two EN-EL 15b batteries. Individual videos can be recorded up to 29 min. 59 s.
Note: Battery life varies depending on its usage environment, such as the condition of the battery, the interval between shots and the length of time menus are displayed.

Continues supplying power even when one of the two EN-EL15b batteries is removed, as long as the other battery still has remaining charge — convenient during video recording*2 with an external recorder and interval timer photography.

*2 Video recording may end if camera temperature rises.

Two EN-EL15b Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries inserted in the MB-N10 can be charged in succession using the EH-7P Charging AC Adapter (optional)*3, whether the MB-N10 is attached to the camera*4 or not.

*3 Supplied with the Z 7.

*4 When the MB-N10 is attached to the camera, the camera must be turned off. USB charging is not supported with the EN-EL15a/15. Please use the MH-25/25a Battery Charger to charge them.

Delivering the same outstanding dust- and drip-resistant performance as the Z 7 and Z 6, for greater peace of mind.

Well-balanced in combination with the camera, making it comfortable to hold, especially when using a telephoto or medium telephoto lens.