Our Anti-Piracy Policy

Nikon's measures against unauthorized use of software are explained below.

Copyrights on Software and its Unauthorized Use

The unauthorized use of software is becoming a major problem in society, increasing in line with the spread of Internet use.
Literature, music and photographs are treated as copyrighted works and intellectual properties. Likewise, software is protected by each country's copyright law and international treaties as copyrighted programs.
Copyright infringement not only harms the healthy diffusion of software, but also inflicts damage on companies and organizations developing the software, eventually making it difficult for them to provide quality software to users.

Request upon Using the Software

Please pay attention to the following points when using our software:

Confirmation of End User License Agreement

Software is permitted to be used by an end user under authorization by the copyright holder, our Company. The permission is based on the terms in the End User License Agreement, which stipulates authorized use limitations.
We request that the user read the End User License Agreement carefully before using the software and use the software only if the user agrees to the End User License Agreement.

Other notes

After purchasing a new computer, please make sure to uninstall the software from a computer you will no longer use.

Notes on Selling and Purchasing on Auction Sites or Other Websites

Software sold on auction sites or other websites other than Nikon's could include illegal goods, such as illegitimate copies made without our authorization. We do not support software illegally sold. We do not refund or accept returns, either. To purchase Nikon software, please visit our website or an authorized dealer.
For detailed information on our authorized dealers, please check the Nikon website for your region of residence or follow the link below to find your nearest sales agent:

Nikon Customer Support in Your Area of Residence

For inquiries about the correct use of our software, or if our software becomes unusable even when you are using it in line with its End User License Agreement, please follow the link below to contact our Digital Imaging Customer Support in your area of residence: