Camera Functions

Adjusting Flash Settings

Remote flash settings such as flash control mode and flash level are adjusted using camera controls, sparing you hav-ing to walk between units after placing them.


1. Display flash info.

Press the camera button twice to display flash info.
2. Select Remote flash control in the i-button menu.

Press the  button, highlight Remote flash control, and press OK.
3. Select Group flash.

The photo in this example was taken using group flash control. Highlight Group flash and press OK to return to the i-button menu.
4. Select Group flash options.

Highlight Group flash options and press OK.
5. Adjust flash settings.

Use the multi selector to choose the flash control mode and flash level for the units in each group. Press  or  to highlight items and  or  to change, and then press OK when settings are complete. The settings used for the photo in the current example are shown in the illustration.

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