Camera Functions

Basic Operations


STEP 1: Inserting the batteries

 While pressing the battery-chamber cover lock release, slide the battery-chamber cover andopen it.

 Insert the batteries following the [+] and [−] marks.

  Push and slide the battery-chamber cover to close it.
STEP 2: Attaching the SB-5000 to the camera

 Make sure the SB-5000 and the camera are turned off.
 Make sure the mounting foot lock lever is on the left (white dot).

Slide the SB-5000’s mounting foot into the camera’s accessory shoe.
 Turn the mounting foot lock lever to L.

Lock the Speedlight in place
Turn the mounting foot lock lever clockwise until it stops at the mounting foot lock index.
STEP 3: Adjusting the flash head

 While holding down the flash head tilting/rotating lock release button,  adjust the flash head to the forward-facing position.

- The flash head is locked when tilted 90° up or set in the forward-facing position.
LCD indicator for flash head status

1: Flash head is set in the forward-facing position.

2: Flash head is set at angle. (Flash head is tilted up or rotated to the right or left.)

3: Flash head is tilted down.
STEP 4: Turning the camera and SB-5000 on

 Turn the camera on.

 Set the SB-5000’s power switch to [ON].
1: SB-5000 flash information
2: SB-5000 status icons
3: Monitor pre-flashes
4: ISO sensitivity
5: Effective flash output 
6: FX format
7: Flash mode
8: Connected to a CLS-compatible camera
9: Zoom head position
10: Aperture f-number

STEP 5: Selecting the flash mode

1 Press the wireless setting button to choose single flash-unit mode.
2 Press the rotary multi selector  to highlight the flash mode.
3 Use the rotary multi selector to display.
4 Press the OK button. Changing the flash mode

Pressing the rotary multi selector  or rotating it clockwise changes the available flash mode icons displayed on the LCD.
5 Make sure that the flash-ready indicator on the SB-5000 or in the camera’s viewfinder is on before taking a picture.

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