Camera Functions

Scene Mode

The camera offers a choice of “scene” modes. Choosing a scene mode automatically optimizes settings to suit the selected scene, making creative photography as simple as selecting a mode, framing a picture, and shooting.

Use for portraits with soft, natural-looking skin tones.

Use for vivid landscape shots in daylight.

Use for snapshots of children. Clothing and background details are vividly rendered, while skin tones remain soft and natural.

Fast shutter speeds freeze motion for dynamic sports shots in which the main subject stands out clearly.

 Close up
Use for close-up shots of flowers, insects, and other small objects (a macro lens can be used to focus at very close ranges).

 Night Portrait

Use for a natural balance between the main subject and the background in portraits taken under low light.

 Night Landscape
Reduce noise and unnatural colors when photographing night landscapes, including street lighting and neon signs.

Capture the effects of indoor background lighting. Use for parties and other indoor scenes.

Capture the brightness of sunlit expanses of water, snow, or sand.

Preserves the deep hues seen in sunsets and sunrises.

Preserves the colors seen in the weak natural light before dawn or after sunset.

 Pet Portrait
Use for portraits of active pets.

For photographs taken by candlelight.

Use for fields of flowers, orchards in bloom, and other landscapes featuring expanses of blossoms.

 Autumn Colors
Captures the brilliant reds and yellows in autumn leaves.

Use for vivid photographs of food.

Scene mode: Portrait
Scene mode: Landscape
Scene mode: Child
Scene mode: Sports
Scene mode: Close up
Scene mode: Night Landscape
Scene mode: Pet Portrait
Scene mode: Food


Rotate the mode dial to SCENE and rotating the command dial until the desired scene appears in the monitor.

Scene Mode: Related Functions

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