Camera Functions

Special Effects

Shoot photos and movies with special effects.

Special Effects: Super Vivid
Special Effects: Toy Camera Effect
Special effects: Miniature Effect
Special effects: Selective Color

 Night Vision
Use under conditions of darkness to record monochrome images at high ISO sensitivities.

 Super Vivid
Overall saturation and contrast are increased for a more vibrant image.

Overall saturation is increased for a more lively image.

 Photo Illustration
Sharpen outlines and simplify coloring for a poster effect that can be adjusted in live view.

 Toy Camera Effect
Create photos and movies that appear to have been shot with a toy camera. The effect can be adjusted in live view .

 Miniature Effect
Create photos that appear to be pictures of dioramas. Works best when shooting from a high vantage point.

 Selective Color
All colors other than the selected colors are recorded in black and white. The effect can be adjusted in live view.

Silhouette subjects against bright backgrounds.

 High Key
Use when shooting bright scenes to create bright images that seem filled with light.

 Low Key
Use when shooting dark scenes to create dark, low-key images with prominent highlights.


Rotate the mode dial to EFFECTS and rotating the command dial until the desired option appears in the monitor.

Special Effects: Related Functions

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