Camera Chronicle

Archives of corporate history subject matter related to Nikon cameras, including rare materials, as well as product photos of cameras and lenses.

The Nikon story actually starts in 1948, the year that the Nikon I, the company's first camera was released. This story is told in the following twelve articles—somewhat eccentric, but thoroughly enjoyable—that chronicle the history of Nikon's brilliant and legendary cameras. The articles weave in and out of history while reviewing the cameras in a contemporary context. Unlike an ordinary history, this story of Nikon cameras begins with the Nikon F4

Written by TATENO, Yokoyuki

Other than the historically noted Nikon cameras, such as the Nikon S Series and Nikon F Series, a lot of other Nikon cameras, what we call "Nikon family cousins," have also played an active part in the Nikon history. These cameras were born and manufactured as a reflection of the need of the time or as a ambitious trial in the creation of a new camera age. Some of these cameras excelled and made their mark in the history of Nikon cameras; many of them, however, vanished into the night, almost without a trace. A spotligh story will focus on aspects of the Nikon cameras that are not so well known.

by TOYODA, Kenji