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Night Landscapes

Use of a tripod is recommended for night landscapes. Shots may be affected by camera blur even with a tripod. There are a variety of techniques for reducing blur.

For remote photography, try using an optional remote control or a SnapBridge-compatible Wi-Fi–equipped camera. Just pressing the shutter button can cause enough motion to blur photos taken at night, and remote photography allows you to shoot without touching the camera.

If this doesn't solve the problem, try using mirror-up mode. The movement of the mirror inside the camera can sometimes blur your shots; in mirror-up mode, the mirror is raised before the shutter is released, keeping camera movement to a minimum.

Night landscape
Night landscape

You may notice "noise" (image artifacts) in long time-exposures taken at shutter speeds of "bulb" or "time". This can be addressed by using long-exposure noise reduction.

Functions Used for Night Landscapes
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