Camera Functions

Setup from the Camera Menus

The camera clock can be set manually.


01. Turn the camera on.

A language-selection dialog will be displayed.
Use the multi selector and button to navigate the menus.

1: button (select)
2: Power switch
3: Multi selector

press and to highlight a language and press to select. The language can be changed at any time using the Language option in the setup menu.

02. Press MENU when the dialog at right is displayed.

03. Set the camera clock.

Press the MENU button to display the setup menu.
Highlight Time zone and date and press (the setup menu is automatically displayed with Time zone and date highlighted the first time the menus are displayed).
After using Time zone to choose a time zone and (if applicable) Daylight saving time to enable daylight saving time, highlight Date and time and press .
Press or to highlight items and press or to change, then press to set the clock when adjustments are complete. The clock can be adjusted at any time using the Time zone and date > Date and time option in the setup menu.

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