What is a Fieldscope?

Basic Information about Fieldscopes

Fieldscopes, classified as one type of terrestrial telescope, are used for viewing magnified images of distant objects. Unlike binoculars, a Fieldscope only requires viewing with a single eye for observation. It is always used with an eyepiece, the choice of which determines the magnification. It is designed to produce an erect image with prisms and can be used to observe wild animals or birds, for astronomical observation, or for target confirmation in archery or shooting.
Generally, a Fieldscope's magnification is higher than binoculars and is usually used attached to a tripod.

Types of Fieldscopes

Fieldscopes are classified as follows:

Straight type

A Fieldscope with a body and eyepiece arranged parallel or in a straight line. It is easy to capture a subject inside the field of view, and is recommended for observing several subjects.

Angled type

A Fieldscope with an eyepiece that can be mounted at an angled position. Recommended for observing subjects at higher positions such as in a tree with elevation angle posture, with several people, or while seated.

Internal structure