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Spectator Sports / Concerts / Theater Spectator Sports / Concerts / Theater

Wouldn’t you like to increase your enjoyment of weekend amusements, whether they’re spectator sports, concerts or the theater?
With binoculars, you can enjoy the spectacle of a heated match or your favorite artist or actors/actresses up close. You can experience being part of the action as though you had a first-row seat.

Viewing Opportunities

  • Spectator Sports

    Spectator Sports

    You can see your favorite player close up, look out over the entire field of play and enjoy the game to your heart’s content from your own unique viewpoint, unlike anything that you’ll see on a TV broadcast.

  • Concerts


    You can enjoy seeing the slight changes in facial expression and gestures that are hard to catch with the naked eye. With binoculars, you can experience the thrill of the action as though you were in the front row.

  • Theater


    In addition to seeing your favorite actors/actresses up close, you can also see their true-to-life performances and resplendent costumes, enjoying every corner of the stage to your heart’s content.

Tips for Choosing the Right Binoculars

Further enrich the time you spend on your hobbies by choosing the right binoculars for each scene.
Even if you can’t get good seats, you can still thoroughly enjoy the sense of being part of the action.

Right magnification for the situation

< For Spectator Sports >
For outdoor spectator sports, we recommend magnification of 8x to 12x. For indoor spectator sports, it’s best to have magnification of 4x to 8x or magnification about 8x to 10x for larger arenas.

< For Concerts >
For outdoor concerts, we recommend magnification of 7x to 10x. For concert halls, we recommend magnification of 4x to 8x. If you want to enjoy everything from the entire stage to the artists’ facial expressions, it’s useful to have binoculars with a zoom function.

< For the Theater >
For the theater, we recommend compact, lightweight binoculars with magnification of 4x to 8x.

Wide field of view for fast-moving action
For spectator sports that involve rapid motion or for concerts, we recommend wide field-of-view binoculars that allow you to view a wider area all at once.
Bright view for night concerts
Night performances and concerts are fairly dark, so we recommend binoculars with a larger exit pupil that offer bright view.
Binoculars with high optical performance allow you to see even facial expressions clearly.
Waterproof for outdoor use
There is no need to worry about your binoculars when there is sudden rainfall.
Compact, lightweight and easy-to-carry binoculars
It’s handy to have compact, lightweight binoculars that can be easily stuffed into bags or pockets when you are on the move and quickly pulled out when you want to use them. With lightweight binoculars, you can minimize the strain on your arms when using them for extended periods.
Easy-to-use binoculars that fit your hands
Before making a purchase, we recommend that you be sure to hold the binoculars in your hands and try them out. Choose what is easiest for you to use with your own hands. The best binoculars are those that fit you and that you can use quickly and easily whenever you want.