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Outdoors / Travel Outdoors / Travel

When you travel, wouldn’t you like to experience nature more in-depth or enjoy the sights and historic spots
to your heart’s content? With binoculars, in addition to nature watching, you can also enjoy historic
buildings and breathtaking scenery as much as you like, making your memories all the more memorable.

Viewing Opportunities

  • Camping / Nature Watching

    Camping / Nature Watching

    Enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors by viewing the natural scenery around your campsite and observing wild animals from a safe distance.

  • Trekking / Mountain Climbing

    Trekking / Mountain Climbing

    In addition to nature watching, you can also make mountain climbing even more enjoyable by checking the route for your climb and gazing over the majestic expanse of scenery from the peak.

  • Historic Buildings

    Historic Buildings

    You can appreciate even the finer details of historic buildings that are closed to the public or sculptures and other artwork that you aren’t allowed to approach as though you were right next to them.

  • Breathtaking Scenery

    Breathtaking Scenery

    You can enjoy breathtaking scenery not only with the naked eye, but also more up-close. You can also view the scenery to your heart’s content from your very own unique point of view.

Tips for Choosing the Right Binoculars

In addition to the thrill of seeing things with the naked eye, with binoculars, you can also see things “more up-close” and “more clearly,” adding a whole new dimension to your enjoyment of travel and the outdoors.

Right magnification for the situation
If outdoor nature watching is what you’re after, we recommend magnification of 8x to 10x.
If viewing the scenery or distant buildings is your main interest, we recommend magnification of 4x to 8x.
Zoom binoculars come in handy if you want to see objects both near and far.
Compact, lightweight and easy-to-carry binoculars for traveling
For easy portability, we recommend compact, lightweight binoculars that can be easily stuffed into bags or pockets when you are on the move and quickly pulled out when you want to use them.
Waterproof for outdoor use
There is no need to worry about your binoculars when there is spray of water or sudden rainfall.
Easy-to-use binoculars that fit your hands
Binoculars with a rubber-coated grip won’t slip so easily, helping you to use them more smoothly.
Before making a purchase, be sure to try holding the binoculars in your hands and choose what is easiest for you to use with your own hands.