Unparalleled medium-telephoto micro lens realizing sharp depiction of the finest details against beautiful bokeh

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Adoption of the large-diameter Z mount has enabled a dramatic increase in optical performance compared to the existing F-mount model.

Balances high resolution from close to far focus distances and beautiful bokeh achieved with thorough suppression of color bleed and fringing.

Chromatic aberration is thoroughly suppressed through the optics for which one aspherical lens element and three ED glass elements have been adopted, as well as by the adoption of a multi-focusing system.

Shooting is possible for a wide variety of scenes, including landscapes and portraits, maximizing the medium-telephoto focal length and superior resolution; not just macro photography.

Equipped with a highly effective 4.5-stop optical vibration reduction (VR) function.

Ghost and flare are effectively reduced by utilizing Nikon's exclusive Nano Crystal Coat and ARNEO Coat

Extremely fast and precise AF control is achieved by using a newly developed stepping motor (STM) and multi-focusing system.

Equipped with a focus range limiter that reduces focusing time with closeup shooting by limiting the focus range.

Equipped with an electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism that enables highly accurate aperture control; improvements to MF operability allow users to focus as intended.

Realizes high dust- and drip-resistance*, superior reliability that comes from strength, durability and weather resistance, and excellent antifouling performance achieved with the adoption of a fluorine coat.

* Thorough dust- and drip-resistance is not guaranteed in all situations or under all conditions.

Approximately 16% lighter than the existing F-mount model.

Responds to video recording needs by achieving smooth changes in brightness, enabling the recording of natural footage.

Equipped with a control ring to which functions such as aperture or exposure compensation can be assigned.

Z mount Lenses