DX-format telephoto zoom lens that enables the capture of diverse scenes beautifully with a single lens utilizing a wide zoom range and superior VR effect

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With a zoom range from medium-telephoto 50 mm to telephoto 250 mm*, picture-taking utilizing telephoto effect is enabled for a greater variety of scenes.

* Angle of view is equivalent to that of a 75-375mm lens in FX/35mm format.

Superior resolution achieved with a large-diameter Z mount, is reliably provided from the maximum aperture regardless of focal-length range or shooting distance.

Despite being a telephoto zoom lens, you can get as close to subject as 0.5 m (at maximum wide-angle position), enabling the capture of impressive close-up shots including tabletop photography.

With a superior VR effect equivalent to a shutter speed 5.0 stops*1 faster, the maximum in the history of NIKKOR interchangeable lenses*2, image blur is effectively compensated even in telephoto low-light shooting.

*1 This value is achieved when attached to a mirrorless camera equipped with an APS-C size image sensor, and when zoom is set to the maximum telephoto position.

*2 As of October, 2019.

Genuine movie recording performance is achieved by intensive consideration even of details such as focus-breathing compensation and minimized operational sound.

Easy-to-operate control ring to which various functions such as focus (M/A), ISO sensitivity, aperture or exposure compensation can be assigned facilitates comfortable still and movie shooting.

The adoption of a retractable-lens mechanism that shortens the length when stored ensures remarkable agility.

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