Highly mobile, super-telephoto prime lens with outstanding optical performance and comfortable operability

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One of Nikon's high-performance S-Line lens models, featuring the longest* focal length of 800 mm in the NIKKOR Z lineup, which enables the capture of distant subjects such as aircraft and wild birds.

* As of April 6, 2022.

With the attachment of teleconverters (Z TELECONVERTER TC-1.4x or Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x), the focal length can be extended to 1,120 mm or 1,600 mm, while maintaining high optical performance*.

* AF performance may deteriorate depending on the subject, brightness and focus position regardless of the camera body, causing inaccurate focus, slow focusing speed or flashing of the focus point.

The first NIKKOR Z lens to adopt a PF (Phase Fresnel) lens element, achieving a compact and lightweight body of 2,385 g in weight and 385 mm in length, making it highly portable despite being a super-telephoto lens.

As well as the PF lens element, three ED glass and one SR lens elements are adopted to deliver superior resolution while effectively suppressing axial chromatic aberration, enabling accurate depiction of even the finest feathers of distant wild birds.

With the combination of the optimized shape and location of the PF lens element and proven Nano Crystal Coat, clearer images with reduced ghost can be achieved.

The optical VR function provides a superior compensation effect equivalent to shooting at a shutter speed 5.0 stops* faster, for reliable picture-taking during super-telephoto shooting or shooting in low-light situations.

* Based on CIPA Standard; in NORMAL mode; this value is achieved when attached to a mirrorless camera equipped with 35mm film size image sensor.

The employment of an STM achieves fast and precise AF that is ideal for shooting moving subjects, while ensuring excellent quietness with reduced operational sounds during focusing and movie recording.

With the lens' center of gravity positioned closer to the body side, it allows users to shoot handheld and less aware of its weight even if the lens is swung around during panning.

Superb dust- and drip-resistant capability*, and Nikon's fluorine coat applied to the front lens element deliver enhanced reliability.

* Thorough dust- and drip-resistance is not guaranteed in all situations or under all conditions.

Genuine video recording performance is attained by intensive consideration even of details such as focus-breathing compensation, quiet operation and stable exposure.

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