User-friendly standard zoom with an f/2.8 fixed aperture providing large and natural bokeh from a lightweight body

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A wide range of expressions is made possible by the f/2.8 fixed aperture.

Covers focal lengths from 28 mm to 75 mm, that supports a wide range of shooting scenes and subjects from landscape to portraits.

The compact, lightweight body with a total length at 120.5 mm and weight of approx. 565 g provides great portability.

The minimum focus distance of 0.19 m at the wide-angle end enables capture of dynamic shots from close proximity.

Realizes stable resolution throughout the entire zoom range.

Lens design supporting video recording, with reduced shift in angle of view when adjusting focus (focus breathing) and stable exposure control.

Incorporates a control ring, to which settings such as aperture and exposure compensation can be assigned, and which realizes quiet, smooth operation.

Adoption of an STM (stepping motor) for quiet operation and rapid response delivers high-speed, accurate AF drive for both stills and video.

Dust- and drip-resistant* design and antifouling coating on the frontmost lens surface.

* Thorough dust- and drip-resistance is not guaranteed in all situations or under all conditions.

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