Standard zoom lens that delivers the high image quality of the NIKKOR Z system, concentrated in a compact and lightweight body

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Compact and lightweight, easy-to-carry standard zoom lens with a convenient zoom range of 24-50mm, that is ideal for first-time full-frame format mirrorless camera users.

Realizes approx. 51 mm/2.1 in. in length and approx. 195 g/6.9 oz. in weight, which are the shortest and lightest in its category*.

* Among full-frame format zoom lenses for interchangeable-lens mirrorless cameras available as of July 21, 2020. Statement based on Nikon research.

Delivers superior resolution that overturns the general perception of the image quality of compact, affordable lenses, thanks to the advantages of the Z mount system.

Employs two ED glass elements that effectively compensate axial chromatic aberration as well as reducing color bleeding for sharper images.

Constant minimum focus distance of 0.35 m that enables the user to boldly approach subjects at all zoom positions.

Natural and beautiful bokeh can be easily created to effectively emphasize the subject.

Impressive movie performance is realized via the adoption of a variety of features including focus-breathing reduction and stabilized exposure that enable natural and comfortable recording.

A control ring supports superb operability for both stills and movies with the assignment of a function selected from various options and smooth operational feel.

The body is designed carefully considering dust- and drip-resistant performance for enhanced reliability.

Z mount Lenses