Camera Functions

Radio AWL

In radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting (“radio AWL”), the camera controls remote flash units with radio signals transmitted via a WR-R10 wireless remote control-ler attached to the camera.

When to Use Radio AWL

Radio AWL can be used in situations not suited to optical flash control, such as the three listed below.

• Distant Flash Units
• Flash Units Out of Line of Sight
• Bright Ambient Lighting

Distant Flash Units
A. Remote flash Unit in tent  B. Approx. 30 m

Radio AWL can be used for reliable communi-cation with flash units up to about 30 m (98 ft) from the camera.

Flash Units Out of Line of Sight
A. Group B: Remote flash unit under table adds gradient to background

Radio flash control can be used with flash units that cannot be seen from the camera, giving you greater freedom in placing remote flash units.

Bright Ambient Lighting
A. Bright backlight; FP sync with 2 remote flash units

Bright ambient lighting inter-feres with the optical signals used for optical flash control. Radio AWL provides reliable flash control even in bright sunlight.

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