Camera Functions

Interchangeable Lenses

Fixed Focal-Length Lenses

Fixed focal-length lenses are lenses with only one focal length. Properly focused and with aperture opened up to blur backgrounds, these lenses have the resolving power to really bring out your subject. These fast lenses are ideal for hand-held photography in low light and can blur backgrounds beautifully to draw attention to your subject's expressions, which are rendered in perfect detail.

Fixed Focal-Length Lens
Fixed Focal-Length Lens

Micro Lenses

Micro lenses add punch to extreme close-ups. Use a micro lens for photos where flowers and other small objects fill the frame.

Micro lenses are not only for close-ups: they also show their strength in landscape and portrait photography.

Micro Lens
Micro Lens

VR Lenses

VR lenses feature Nikon’s unique vibration reduction (VR) anti-blur construction.

Vibration reduction (VR) reduces blur caused by camera shake, allowing shutter speeds from about 3.0 to 4.0 stops slower than would otherwise be the case, increasing the range of shutter speeds available and allowing hand-held photography in a wide variety of situations.

To use vibration reduction, slide the vibration reduction switch to ON. Vibration reduction is activated when the shutter-release button is pressed halfway, reducing the effects of camera shake on the image in the viewfinder and simplifying the process of framing the subject and focusing in both autofocus and manual focus modes.

VR on
VR off

Wide-Angle Lenses

Wide-angle lenses offer wide picture angles.

They exaggerate perspective for photos with greater width and depth, making them ideal for shots that feature cramped interiors or sweeping landscapes. In addition, their superior depth of field makes for crisply-focused shots.

Focal length: 16mm
Focal length: 35mm

Telephoto Lenses

Telephoto lenses magnify distant objects.

With their small angle of view, telephoto lenses capture less of the background, seemingly compressing distance. By changing the lens focal length, you can use this effect to strengthen or weaken the effect of distance.

Focal length: 190mm
Focal length: 35mm


01. Remove the camera body cap.
Remove the rear lens cap.
02. Align the mounting marks.

1: Mounting mark (camera)
2: Mounting mark (lens)
03. Rotate the lens as shown until it clicks into place.

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