Camera Functions

White Balance

This is referred to as "white balance" that according to the light source, is to be shot in color image is close to the eye. Normally, should be taken with the auto default. If you want to change the color of images taken, please change the white balance to match the light source and weather.

White balance: Auto
White balance: Fluorescent
White balance: Shade
White balance: Incandescent

Automatic white balance adjustment. Recommended in most situations.

Use under incandescent lighting.

Use with the light sources listed on page 141.

 Direct sunlight
Use with subjects lit by direct sunlight.

Use with the flash.

Use in daylight under overcast skies.

Use in daylight with subjects in the shade.

 Preset manual
Measure white balance or copy white balance from existing photo.


01. Display white balance options.

Press the i button, then highlight the current white balance setting in the information display and press i.
02. Choose a white balance option.

Highlight an option and press OK.
The Shooting Menu

White balance can be selected using the White balance option in the shooting menu, which also can be used to fine-tune white balance or measure a value for preset white balance.
The Fluorescent option in the White balance menu can be used to select the light source from the bulb types.

White Balance: Related Functions

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