Camera Functions


The options in the retouch menu are used to create trimmed or retouched copies of existing pictures. The retouch menu is only displayed when a memory card containing photographs is inserted in the camera.

NEF (RAW) processing
Create JPEG copies of NEF (RAW) photographs.

Create a cropped copy of the selected photograph.

Create small copies of selected photographs.

Brighten shadows. Choose for dark or backlit photographs.

Quick retouch
Create copies with enhanced saturation and contrast.

Red-eye correction
Correct “red-eye” in photos taken with a flash.

Create straightened copies. Copies can be straightened by up to 5° in increments of approximately 0.25°.

Distortion control
Create copies with reduced peripheral distortion. Use to reduce barrel distortion in photos taken with wideangle lenses or pin-cushion distortion in photos taken with telephoto lenses.

Perspective control
Create copies that reduce the effects of perspective taken from the base of a tall object.

Retouch: Perspective control
Original image

Create copies that appear to have been taken with a fisheye lens.

 Filter effects
Create the effects of the following filters:
• Skylight: A skylight filter effect
• Warm filter: A warm tone filter effect
• Cross screen: Adds starburst effects to light sources
• Soft: A soft filter effect

Retouch: Filter effects: Soft
Original image

Copy photographs in Black-and-white, Sepia, or Cyanotype (blue and white monochrome).

Retouch: Monochrome
Original image

 Image overlay
Image overlay combines two existing NEF (RAW) photographs to create a single picture that is saved separately from the originals. Image overlay can only be selected by pressing MENU and selecting  tab.

 Color outline
Create an outline copy of a photograph to use as a base for painting.

 Photo illustration
Sharpen outlines and simplify coloring for a poster effect.

 Color sketch
Create a copy of a photograph that resembles a sketch made with colored pencils.

 Miniature effect
Create a copy that appears to be a photo of a diorama. Use the multi selector to choose the position and orientation of the area in focus. Works best with photos taken from a high vantage point.

 Selective color
Create a copy in which only selected hues appear in color.

Create a copy which emphasizes detail and color for a painterly effect.

 Edit movie
Trim footage to create edited copies of movies or save selected frames as JPEG stills.

 Side-by-side comparison
Compare retouched copies to the original photographs. Side-by-side comparison is only available if the retouch menu is displayed by pressing i and selecting Retouch in full-frame playback when a retouched image or original is displayed.


To display the retouch menu, press MENU and select the  (retouch menu) tab.

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