Fieldmicroscope Mini

Key Features

  • Compact, portable body
  • 20x magnification
  • Stereoscopic microscope
  • Water resistant

Mechanical Design

Water-resistant*, lightweight, compact model that children too can easily use.

  • *water-resistant construction means that the unit can be used in a damp environment.
1. Magnified objects 20 times with a three-dimensional effect, thanks to the stereoscopic binocular design.
2. Protective lens cover
3. Torque adjustment prevents loss of focus
The focus can be firmly fixed, eliminating an accidental shift in focus during observation.
4. Wide focusing range (42mm)
The wide range of focus available makes observation of three-dimensional objects easy.
5. Equipped with a diopter adjustment ring
It can be easily adjusted for vision differences between the left and right eye.
6. Wide-ranging adjustment for interpupillary distance
7. Rotating head element
The platform can be fixed to a tripod and the head rotated so that any angle can be freely chosen for observation. The head can be rotated 180° to make the compact and easy to carry.


Fieldmicroscope Mini
Magnification (x) 20x (fixed)
Optical system Upright, unreversed image; eyepiece diopter adjustable for right eye; 51-to-72mm interpupillary distance adjustment
Field of vision (mm) 11 (diameter)
Angle of view (º) 12.6
Vertical adjustment 42mm from the base of stage
Eye relief (mm) 12.8
Plate Removal and reversible (top: flat; underside: built-in cup)
Dimensions (mm) (In use) 156-202 (H)x89 (D)x90 (W) (Folded close) 124 (H)
Weight (g) Approx. 395
Accessories Soft case; strap

Optional Accessories

Laboratory dish holder
To use the laboratory dish holder, position it upside down on the plate. The holder can handle a petri dish up to 90mm in diameter.
B plate
The B plate is ideal for observing light-colored subjects. The general film case fits the cup built into the underside of the plate, and is convenient for viewing moving subjects.
Stage clip set (set of two clips)
The stage clip is used for securing a glass slide and specimen.