Sport Optics

Pillar Stand w/Adapter for 20x120 IV/25x120


  • Solid, durable pillar stand. A fork mount can be attached to a pillar stand w/adapter, enabling observation with Binocular Telescope.
25x120 + Fork Mount + Pillar Stand with Adapter


Pillar stand adapter dimensions
Unit: mm/in.
Pillar stand adapter
Diameter (mm/in.) 184/7.2
Thickness (mm/in.) 12/0.5
Weight (kg/oz.) 850/30.0
Bolt (supplied) Size M 12x30
Number of bolts 6
Pillar stand
Height (mm/in.) 1,115/43.9
Base (length from stand centre) (mm/in.) 423/16.7
Weight (kg/oz.) 26.5/934.8
Bolt (supplied) Size M 10x20
Number of bolts 16