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Connecting Your Camera and Smart Device (iOS)

Connecting Your Camera and iOS Device

Your path to using SnapBridge starts with these four simple steps.
Install the SnapBridge app on your iOS device. The iOS version can be downloaded free-of-charge from Apple’s App Store®.

1. Ready the camera for pairing.

Bluetooth is used for connections between the camera and smart devices running the SnapBridge app. Select "Connect to smart device" > "Start" in the camera setup menu.

2. Ready the smart device for pairing.

Bluetooth ensures that your camera and smart device are always connected. After checking that Bluetooth is enabled on your smart device, launch the SnapBridge app, tap "Pair with camera", and then tap the name of the camera with which you wish to pair.
Follow the on-screen instructions to ready the devices for pairing.

3. Pair the devices.

Check that the camera and smart device display the same number. The camera and smart device will connect when you press the buttons on both devices to start pairing.

4. Configure the camera and smart device.

Sync the camera to the time, date, and location provided by the smart device. The settings must be enabled on both the camera and smart device.

Switching to Wi-Fi

For remote photography, or when transmitting large amounts of image data, SnapBridge will sometimes need to switch the connection between the camera and smart device from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi.

When the SnapBridge app prompts you to switch to Wi-Fi, tap "OK" and adjust Wi-Fi settings in the iOS Settings app. The network name and password are listed in the SnapBridge app.

Note: The procedure varies with the camera firmware version and the versions of the SnapBridge app and iOS installed on your smart device.

Functions Used for Connecting Your Camera and Smart Device (iOS)
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