Camera Functions


SnapBridge makes it easy to copy pictures from the camera to your smart device (smartphone or tablet). You can then append the pictures to e-mail messages, share them on social media, and otherwise treat them just as you would pictures taken with your smart device.

SnapBridge Online Help
Details how to use SnapBridge.

Nikon Download Center
Download manuals for our imaging products, computer software, or firmware.
Visitors can also download a “SnapBridge Connection Guide” describing how to establish a connection between the camera and a smart device.


The  tab

Connect to the camera, download pictures, or control the camera and take photographs remotely.

The  tab

View, delete, or share the pictures downloaded from the camera.
The  tab

Connect to NIKON IMAGE SPACE, a cloud storage service for users who have signed up for a Nikon ID and downloaded the dedicated app.
The App Menu

View notices, access on-line help, or use "App options" to choose such settings as the smart device nickname, location data accuracy, or whether to add credits to pictures.

Overview: Related Functions

View information on functions related to Overview.

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