Nikon 1 V3

Camera Functions

P (Programmed Auto)

In this mode, the camera automatically adjusts shutter speed and aperture for optimal exposure in most situations. This mode is recommended for snapshots and other situations in which you want to leave the camera in charge of shutter speed and aperture.

P (Programmed Auto)


01. Rotate the mode dial to P.
02. Choosing a Combination of Shutter Speed and Aperture

Although the shutter speed and aperture chosen by the camera will produce optimal results, you can also choose from other combinations that will produce the same exposure (“flexible program”).

Rotate the main command dial right for large apertures (low f-numbers) that blur background details or fast shutter speeds that “freeze” motion.

Rotate the dial left for small apertures (high f-numbers) that increase depth of field or slow shutter speeds that blur motion. "*" is displayed while flexible program is in effect.
03. Restoring Default Shutter Speed and Aperture Settings

To restore default shutter speed and aperture settings, rotate the main command dial until "*" is no longer displayed or turn the camera off. The default shutter speed and aperture is automatically restored when the camera enters standby mode.

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