Nikon 1 J5

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Using the Touch Screen

Tap the display to focus
Accurate focus even on small subjects

One of the defining features of the Nikon 1 is its fast, accurate autofocus. Nevertheless, it may sometimes choose the wrong target if there other competing subjects in the foreground or background. Situations like these can be handled using touch focus. Tap the touch shooting control icon in the live view display to enable or disable touch shooting.

Enabling touch focus allows you to focus by touching your subject in the live view display. Touching your subject lightly with your finger focuses the camera on the selected subject and releases the shutter. You can focus anywhere in the live view display, giving you access to every possible focus area and letting you focus on subjects in the corners of the frame.

Note, however, that you will need to hold the camera steady, as shots taken in live view are prone to blurring. Put the strap around your neck and hold the camera so that the strap presses against your neck helps minimize camera blur.

In P, S, A, and M modes, ISO sensitivity can be set either automatically or manually; to reduce blur, enable auto ISO sensitivity control, which allows the camera to choose a combination of shutter speed and ISO sensitivity automatically. This can be combined with the technique described above. To enable auto ISO sensitivity control, press “F” (feature) on the multi selector to display the camera setting menu, then select ISO sensitivity, highlight A3200 or any other option with an “A” in it, and press OK. In modes other than P, S, A, and M, ISO sensitivity control is enabled at all times and there is no need to adjust settings.

Finally, to prevent the shutter being released by accident, be sure to disable touch shooting when you finish taking photographs. This can be done using the same icon you used when enabling touch shooting.

Functions Used for Using the Touch Screen
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