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Posting Photos to SNS

Post better pictures—look at that bokeh!
Capture the moment

If we get a good shot, we want to share it on social media. This is where Wi-Fi comes in: with Wi-Fi, you can share pictures as soon as you take them. Using this feature requires a smartphone. You’ll also need to download and install the free Wireless Mobile Utility app from your phone’s app store before you start.

Press the MENU button on your Nikon 1 and tap the Wi-Fi icon to connect to the smartphone. If your camera is equipped with a Wi-Fi button on the back, you need only press the Wi-Fi button. When the camera SSID is displayed in the monitor on the back of the camera, select it in the smartphone Wi-Fi options menu. You can then launch the Wireless Mobile Utility and select "View photos."

From "View photos", choose the option to view photos on the camera. The photos stored on the camera memory card will be displayed. To select pictures for download to your smartphone, tap "Select" at the bottom right corner of the display and tap to select one or more pictures. You can then tap "Download" to copy the pictures to the camera roll of your smartphone. If you selected only RAW pictures, you will be prompted to choose a size; we suggest that you choose "Recommended size." RAW pictures will be downloaded in JPEG format.

Next, tap "View photos" at the top of the screen and select "Camera roll" or "Photos on smart device" to view the photos on the smartphone. Tap photos to view them full frame, and use spread and pinch gestures to zoom in and out. Once you’ve chosen a picture, tap the icon at the bottom left corner of the display to share it.

Good for high-angle and close-up photography
Get more “Likes” with your carefully-chosen shot

The Wireless Mobile Utility can be used to release the camera shutter remotely. Connect the camera and smartphone via Wi-Fi and select "Take photos."

The phone will display the view through your Nikon 1 camera’s lens in real time. Tap the settings icon at the top right corner of the preview display to choose whether photos are automatically downloaded to the smart device after shooting or to enable or disable the self-timer. In this case we will enable automatic download. You can then tap the camera icon in the preview display to take a picture, which will be saved to both the camera roll of your smartphone and the camera memory card. You’ll find that the ability to remotely release the shutter on your Nikon 1 will come in handy for self-portraits and group portraits.

You can also use the remote shutter release for photos that are normally hard to frame, such as low- and high-angle shots. If you’re photographing a pet or other animal that is uncomfortable around people, you can place your Nikon 1 on a chair or table and capture the subject’s natural expression or behavior at a distance. Wi-Fi lets you take pictures at distances of up to 10 meters or so. Note that the shutter-release button on the Nikon 1 can not be used to take pictures while this feature is enabled.

Posting pictures that take advantage of the Nikon 1’s responsiveness and bokeh will be sure to get you more "Likes" on social media.

Functions Used for Posting Photos to SNS
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