Nikon 1 J5

Tips and Tricks

Recording Movies

Press the Nikon 1’s movie-record button at any time to start HD (high-definition) movie recording; a recording indicator will be displayed and the camera will show the available recording time. Photos can be taken without interrupting movie recording by pressing the shutter-release button. Press the movie-record button again to end recording. During playback, movies are indicated by a movie icon and can be played back by pressing the OK button in full-frame playback.

HD movie

The most important thing to note when filming movies is focus mode. The Nikon 1 automatically selects a focus mode in response to shooting conditions. If you select AF-F (full-time-servo AF), the camera will automatically adjust focus in response to changes in the distance to the subject. To choose the focus mode, press the info button and choose "AF-F" in the focus-mode selection display.

Functions Used for Recording Movies
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