Nikon 1 J5

Camera Functions


To frame self-portraits in the monitor, reverse it as shown and follow the steps below.


01. Reverse the monitor.

The camera will select self-portrait mode.
02. Adjust settings.

The following settings can be adjusted using touch controls:

1: Skin softening
Tap to enable or disable skin softening. Enabling skin softening softens the look of skin for portrait subjects detected by the camera (up to a maximum of three), but note that the effect can not be previewed in the monitor.

2: Self-timer
Tap to cycle through self-timer settings as follows: 2 s timer, 10 s timer, and self-timer off.

3: Exposure compensation
Tap the exposure indicator to adjust exposure compensation and tap OK to exit when adjustments are complete.
03. Shoot.

Tap the monitor to focus on the selected subject and shoot, or press the shutter-release button halfway to focus and all the way down to take photographs. Use the movie-record button to shoot movies. Movies are recorded at 1080/30p.
04. Exit self-portrait mode.

Moving the monitor out of the selfportrait position ends self-portrait mode.

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