Nikon 1 J5

Camera Functions

Advanced movie mode

Advanced movie mode can be used not only to shoot HD movies, but also to record movies with a variety of effects.

HD movie
Slow-motion movie

HD movie:
Record HD movies in the exposure mode of your choice.

4K movie:
Record movies at a frame size of 3840 × 2160 pixels and a frame rate of 15 fps.

Time-lapse movie:
The camera automatically takes photographs at selected intervals and joins them together in a silent time-lapse movie.

Slow motion:
Record up to about three seconds of silent slowmotion footage. Slow-motion movies are recorded at 400 fps and play back at about 30 fps.

Fast motion:
Record silent fast-motion footage that plays back at about four times normal speed. Playback time is one quarter the recording time.

Jump cut:
Record silent jump-cut movies. Recording pauses every other second for a drop-frame effect.

4-second movie:
Record a 4-second movie clip.


01. Select advanced movie mode.
Rotate the mode dial to "advanced movie."
02. The following options can be accessed by pressing "F" and selecting "Advanced movie" in the "F" (feature) menu.
- HD movie
- 4K movie
- Time-lapse movie
- Slow motion
- Fast motion
- Jump cut
- 4-second movie

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