Nikon 1 J5

Camera Functions


HD movie

The features available in each mode are listed below.

Auto mode:
Choose this mode to record HD movies while leaving the camera in charge of choosing settings. The camera automatically adjusts settings according to the subject and situation.

Creative mode:
Record HD movies with the selected effect.
Note, however, that the selected effect is not applied in the cases of HDR, Soft, Easy panorama, Miniature effect, Toy camera effect, Cross screen, and Skin softening.

Sports mode:
P, S, A, and M modes:
Record HD movies in exposure mode P.

Advanced movie mode:
Choose an exposure mode and record HD movies at a selected shutter speed or aperture, or record movies in slow or fast motion or with other special effects.


01. Choose a shooting mode.

Rotate the mode dial to any of the positions shownin the figure.
02. Frame the opening shot.

Frame the opening shot with your subject in the center of the display.
03. Start recording.

Press the movie-record button to begin recording. A recording indicator, the time elapsed, and the time available are displayed while recording is in progress.

1: Movie-record button
1: Recording indicator/Time elapsed
2: Time available
04. End recording.

Press the movie-record button again to end recording.

1: Movie-record button

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