Nikon 1 J5

Camera Functions

Live Image Control: Background softening

Live image control lets you preview how changes to each control will affect the final photography.

Background softening:
Soften background details to make your subject stand out, or bring both background and foreground into focus.

Live Image Control: Background sharp
Live Image Control: Background softened


01. Live image controls are available in the modes shown in the figure (in modes other than auto, live image controls are available only when "Scene auto selector" is selected for exposure mode).

In advanced movie mode, live image controls apply to HD, fast-motion, jumpcut, and 4-second movies.

In best moment capture mode, live image controls apply to Active Selection and slow view.
02. Choose a live image control.

Press OK in the shooting display, then highlight "Background softening" and press OK to view the selected control.
03. Choose a setting.

Rotate the multi selector to adjust the control, using the preview in the monitor as your guide. Press OK when the control is adjusted to your satisfaction.

1: Sharpen background
2: Soften background

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