Camera Functions

Exposure Mode: Mode S (Shutter-Priority Auto)

You choose the shutter speed and let the camera automatically adjust aperture for optimal exposure. Use to emphasize motion.

Faster shutter speed (1/100 s)
Slow shutter speed (1/13 s)


01. Rotate the exposure mode dial to S.
02. Rotate the shutter-speed dial to choose the shutter speed. The dial locks at settings of 1/3 STEP, X, and T; to choose another setting, keep the shutter-speed dial lock release pressed while rotating the dial.

1: Shutter-speed dial lock release
1: 1/4000 sā€“1/2 s
2: 1/3 EV steps
3: Flash sync
4: Long time-exposures
5: 1ā€“4 s

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