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Travel Snaps

Picture Control: Monochrome: Black-and-white
Retouch: Monochrome: Sepia

Travel snaps are more than just a record of your trip: we also want them to express our feelings.

Shooting in monochrome can breathe life into impromptu snapshots. Using the monochrome Picture Control, you can take shots in black-and-white, sepia, or other monochrome tints. Reducing the number of colors not only evokes a feeling of the past but, by emphasizing composition and the distribution of light and dark, makes photographs seem more abstract.

The Retouch Menu: Monotone: Original
Retouch: Monochrome: Cyanotype

You can also use the camera’s retouch feature to convert photos to monochrome after shooting. This lets you enjoy the same photograph in both color and monochrome.

The trick is to picture the shot in monochrome while you’re shooting. You don’t want that bright red lipstick turning a poisonous black when the picture is converted to black-and-white.

Functions Used for Travel Snaps
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