Camera Functions

The Retouch Menu

The options in the retouch menu are used to create trimmed or retouched copies of existing pictures.


The following retouch options are available:

- D-Lighting
- Red-eye correction
- Trim
- Monochrome
- Filter effects
- Color balance
- Image overlay
- NEF (RAW) processing
- Resize
- Quick retouch
- Straighten
- Distortion control
- Fisheye
- Color outline
- Color sketch
- Perspective control
- Miniature effect
- Selective color
- Edit movie
- Side-by-side comparison
01. To display the retouch menu, press MENU and select the Retouch menu tab.
02. Select an item in the retouch menu. Press the multi selector up or down to highlight an item, right to select.
03. Select a picture. Highlight a picture and press OK.

To view the highlighted picture full screen, press and hold the Playback zoom in button.
To view images in other locations, press Thumbnail/playback zoom out button and select the desired card and folder.
04. Select retouch options.

For more information, see the section for the selected item.

To exit without creating a retouched copy, press MENU.
05. Create a retouched copy.

Press OK to create a retouched copy. Retouched copies are indicated by the icon 1.

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