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Modifying Picture Controls: Clarity

Adjust clarity manually or select "A" to let the camera adjust clarity automatically. Depending on the scene, shadows may appear around bright objects or halos may appear around dark objects at some settings. Clarity is not applied to movies.

Modifying Picture Controls: Clarity +4.00
Modifying Picture Controls: Clarity -2.00
Modifying Picture Controls: Clarity 0.00

"Clarity" is a subset of "Sharpness", but one that increases or decreases the difference in brightness among ten neighboring pixels. As a result, increasing clarity brings out larger details, making portrait subjects more dignified or landscapes more dramatic. Reducing clarity has a softening effect similar to a soft-focus lens for softer, gentler portraits and brighter, lighter, snapshot-style landscapes. Choose a setting according to your creative intent.


01. Select a Picture Control.

Highlight the desired Picture Control in the Picture Control list and press the multi selector right.
02. Adjust settings.

Press the multi selector up or down to highlight "Clarity" and press the multi selector left or right to choose a value in increments of 1, or rotate the sub-command dial to choose a value in increments of 0.25. Repeat this step until all settings have been adjusted, or select a preset combination of settings by using the multi selector to choose Quick adjust.

Default settings can be restored by pressing the Delete button.
03. Press OK.

Picture Controls that have been modified from default settings are indicated by an asterisk (“*”) in the Set Picture Control menu.

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