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AF-Area Mode (Viewfinder Photography)

The focus area for autofocus is shown in the viewfinder. Choosing a different focus area shifts focus to another part of the frame. This selection can be made by the photographer or left up to the camera: what controls how the focus point is selected is AF-area mode.

The camera offers a choice of the AF-area modes, including auto-area AF, single-point AF, dynamic-area AF, and 3D-tracking. The focus area display in the viewfinder shows the area of the frame that the camera will use to set focus. In 3D-tracking and single-point and dynamic-area AF, photographers can choose the focus area themselves.


01. AF-area mode can be selected by pressing the AF-mode button and rotating the subcommand dial until the desired setting is displayed in the viewfinder and control panel.

1: AF-mode button

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