Camera Functions

Time-Lapse Photography

The camera automatically takes photos at selected intervals to create a silent time-lapse movie at the frame size and rate currently selected in the movie shooting menu.


01. Select "Time-lapse photography."
02. Highlight "Time-lapse photography" in the movie shooting menu and press the multi selector right to display time-lapse photography settings.
03. Adjust time-lapse photography settings. Choose an interval, total shooting time, and exposure smoothing option.

To choose the interval between frames:

1: Highlight "Interval" and press the multi selector right.
2: Choose an interval longer than the slowest anticipated shutter speed (minutes and seconds) and press OK.
To choose the total shooting time:

1: Highlight "Shooting time" and press the multi selector right.
2: Choose shooting time (up to 7 hours 59 minutes) and press OK.
To enable or disable exposure smoothing:

1: Highlight "Exposure smoothing" and press the multi selector right.
2: Highlight an option and press OK.

Selecting "On" smooths abrupt changes in exposure in modes other than M (note that exposure smoothing only takes effect in mode M if auto ISO sensitivity control is on).
04. Start shooting.

Highlight "Start" and press OK. Timelapse photography starts after about 3 s. The camera takes photographs at the selected interval for the selected shooting time.

When complete, timelapse movies are recorded to the memory card selected for Destination in movie shooting menu.
Ending Time-Lapse Photography:

To end time-lapse photography before all the photos are taken, highlight "Off" in the time-lapse photography menu and press OK, or press OK between frames or immediately after a frame is recorded.

A movie will be created from the frames shot to the point where time-lapse photography ended.

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